About Us

GS Texas Ventures LLC is a proud member of the Thrift Communications family of companies. This family of woman companies includes Thrift Communications, a telephony company that, through sub-agent companies, operates in various states through ILEC and CLEC operations, specializing in local communications, as well as distribution and sales of communication programs and equipment internationally. Thrift Financial Marketing, an online lead refinement company with a dba of Outreach Communications; Outreach is a 200+ seat, woman owned, Fort Worth, Texas based, call center specializing in point of contact across the nation and Thrift Benefits, an online health and lifestyle benefits company. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you, your business, non-profit organization and more. A percentage of our profits go to support the efforts of The Women’s Center of Tarrant County (although they constantly step into neighboring counties when needed). Please check out their website and support the wonderful work they do for our community. www.womenscentertc.org
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